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Johnnie is from Akron, Ohio, refining his playing skills throughout the concert and club circuits from the age of eleven. Cutting his teeth with the likes of Tim (Ripper) Owens - (Judas Priest), Mark Matthews (Warrant), Neil Zaza and Freddie Salem - (Outlaws) just to mention a few of the musicians hailing from Northeastern Ohio were Johnnie first started playing. Johnnie’s song writing is very extensive including all styles of musical effort Hard Rock, Fusion, Heavy Metal, Blues, and Classical influences. With a remarkable live performance, that displays his high energy, and burning soulful emotions, that is a must see! His specific blend of guitar textures is totally original and sounds uniquely like no one else, although the reflection of some of the greatest guitar players of our time can be heard dancing through his fingers. The magnificent sound of heartfelt guitar passages encompasses each and every song. He plays with total conviction and dedication to each musical journey he takes.
The Johnnie Kaylor Band was formed in Akron, Ohio, in the seventies, since then he has toured, and recorded over the span of many years. The Johnnie K Band delivers in concert, an extensive library of original instrumental guitar, and vocal compositions. JKB reformed in Florida, in 2005, with the release titled
Keep on Pushin. The album displays new uncharted sounds, featuring songs like Kickin & Stand Alone and the unmistakable beautiful Crying Hearts.
Johnnie’s guitar playing has been compared to Jimi Hendrix, Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, Jimmy Page and many other guitar heroes’.

The release called
(Ruler of Time) 2013, which includes 12 masterful instrumental songs, featuring his unmistakable guitar playing abilities.
Johnnie performs on the release (Guitar Wizards Vol 1&2) Featuring Stand Alone along with such guitar virtuoso as Jake E Lee, George Lynch, Bruce Kulick, Chris Poland and many other guitar masters.
Johnnie is featured on the release called (Guitar Wizards Vol 3&4)with still more axe masters sharing the bill for example, current/former members of KISS, Guns N Roses, Heart, Ozzy Osbourne Band, Whitesnake, Judas Priest, Alice Cooper Band, Dream Theatre, Skid Row, Megadeth, Jimmy Page Band, The Firm, Ratt, Grand Funk Railroad, Deep Purple, Metal Church,
Lizzy Borden, and others.

Ultimate Fighting Rock Bonus CD & Judas Priest Tribute CD Entitled, Breaking the Law has been released on Versailles Records. Featuring Johnnie Kaylor, Tim Ripper Owens, Richard Kendrick, British Steel, Derrick LeFevre and many more!

2017 will feature five additional releases with Johnnie's guitar work with the original compositions, Black Rose, Until the Sunrise, Music in me, Burning Desire and The Jean Genie (Bowie Tribute called Starman), and newly added GUITAR WIZARDS 5 on Versailles Records. 

Electric Angel Productions 2017

Johnnie’s Equipment

Johnnie’s Equipment

Fender - Gibson - Ibanez - Marshall -Digitech - Lexicon - Rocktron - Art - Roland effects - Roland Guitar synthesizer- Steinburg -Mackie -Yamaha - DOD - and an array of others.



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