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Johnnie Kaylor is a fine artist and in addition is an accomplished musician/guitarist/producer!
Originally from Akron, Ohio Johnny now resides in St Petersburg Florida. With no formal training his creations are completely driven through the spirit of a higher power revealing a gift unquestionably he was born with, revealing his natural ability to create original canvases derived from his mind's eye. Working mainly with oils the blending and the glow that is evoked from each and every piece is unique only to his specific technique. With an amazing ability to blend colors reminiscent of Monet and other Masters from an earlier time.
   Johnnie is an established artist with Fine Art America. He appears with numerous art groups throughout Tampa Bay and the national art scene. Johnnie is involved heavily in the St Petersburg art community which seems to be expanding on all sides, and in addition has displayed his art nationally in many events. His mediums include oils, acrylics, airbrush, pencils, custom tailored original works, murals and Giclee limited edition prints, signed by the Artist! Original Art and Giclee reproductions are available, also custom commissioned paintings by request.

   Johnnie is also an international recording artist, producer and guitarist his guitar abilities are unmatched by few throughout the world. Currently on Versailles records, the label has released several albums that Johnnie is featured on in the last 3 years not to mention his dis glossary of original albums masterpieces on the guitar. His painting reveals a deep connection with his music and at times one can reflect upon the other.
   (Guitar Wizards Vol 1&2) 2015, Featuring Stand Alone-by Johnnie Kaylor along with such guitar virtuoso as Jake E Lee (Ozzy Osborne), George Lynch (Dokken), Bruce Kulick (Kiss), Chris Poland, (Mega Death) and many other guitar masters. In 2016 Johnnie was featured on the release called (Guitar Wizards Vol 3&4) with still more axe masters sharing the bill for example, current/former members of Guns N Roses, Heart, Whitesnake, Judas Priest, Alice Cooper Band, Dream Theatre, Skid Row, and The Jimmy Page Band. 2017-2018 will feature five additional releases with Johnnie's guitar work with the original compositions, Black Rose, Until the Sunrise, Music in me, Burning Desire, The Jean Genie (David Bowie Tribute called Starman), and newly added GUITAR WIZARDS 5 on Versailles Records highlighting Baby Blue.
     From time to time his artwork can be seen displayed at his concerts. His artwork is outwardly integrated into his albums, his songs and the Bands featured artwork, revealing a deep connection to God. I used to think that the art and the music were two separate things but over time I came to realize that it is one JK.

Electric Angel Productions 2017


 A Candle

There is a candle that burns deep in the heart of the artist,  a flame of living spirit.
It speaks through timeless ages of truths far into a soul.
The flames fluttering dance reveals reflections in mirrors,
only of emptiness, no light seen to unfold.
Pushing through the darkness the hand brings forth a light,
To release all the tears of time, for those who may see.
Slowly it tells its tale to the heart that listens,
Blind, oh so blind as it is right before me.
Pushing and twisting as to escape its silent cries,
smooth and soft, caressing the whole.
There is a candle that burns deep in the heart of an artist.
The painters canvas holding secrets untold.
No flame comes from the candles reflection, unfulfilled in its quest,
to touch the mirror of the soul.

 Johnnie Kaylor



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